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Following Jesus is a group activity, and we encourage all believers to deepen and strengthen their walk with God by being part of a small group or Bible study.

Below is a list of St. John’s Bible Studies and Faith Formation groups. If you have questions about additional studies, please contact Walt Miller (559-9560,


  • Girls' Night Out: Monday, 7-9pm in Walton Hall (Peach Room).
      Contact: Lynn Gervais (559-2050)

  • Mom's Group: Tuesday, 9:15-11am [during the School Year] in Walton Hall.
      Contact: Lane McKelvey (559-9560). Nursery provided.

  • Women's Bible Study: Tuesday, 10am in Walton Hall.
      Contact: Judy Edgerton (559-1807)

  • The Bible Babes: Thursday10am in Walton Hall.
      Contact: Bouy Peeples (795-1673)

  • Women's Bible Study: Thursday2pm in Walton Hall.
      Contact: Susie Jenkins (766-0573)


  • Men's Prayer & Share: Monday, 7am in Walton Hall.
      Contact: Buck Stackhouse (559-1278)

  • Men's Breakfast & Bible Study: Wednesday, 7am in Walton Hall.
      Contact: Bill Kitchens (795-8411)

  • Men's Breakfast & Bible Study: Thursday, 7am in Walton Hall.
      Contact: Bill Leland (559-1168)


  • Mixed Bible Study: Wednesday, 11:30am, Tomato Shed
      Contact: Susie Jenkins (766-0573)

  • The Journeys Group: Wednesday. 1:00pm, in the Peach Room
      Contact:  Pete Tanner (706-945-3922) or the church (559-9560)
  • Bible Basics: Wednesday, 6pm, Millers' House
      Contact: Walt Miller (559-9560)

  • Young Adults Group: Thursday, 6:30pm, Various Homes
      Contact: Lane McKelvey (559-9560)