Following Jesus is a group activity, and we encourage all believers to deepen and strengthen their walk with God by being part of a small group or Bible study.

Below is a list of St. John’s Bible Studies and Faith Formation groups. If you have questions about additional studies, please contact Walt Miller (843-559-9560) or email


  • Girls’ Night out: Monday, 7pm in Walton Hall (Peach Room). Contact Lynn Gervais and Sharon Hills.

  • Women’s Breakfast: Tuesday 7:30am at Sunrise Bistro. Contact Paula Stackhouse

  • Mom's Group: Tuesday, 9:15-11am [during the School Year] in Walton Hall.  Contact Rob Schluter. Nursery provided

  • Ladies of Cheer: Wednesday, 1:00pm. Contact Pete Tanner

  • The Bible Babes: Thursday10am in Walton Hall. Contact Mary Agnes Seabrook

  • Women's Bible Study: Thursday2pm in Walton Hall. Contact Susie Jenkins

  • Daughters of the Holy Cross: 1st Saturday, 9am. Contact Sally Dixon


  • Men's Prayer & Share: Monday, 7am in Walton Hall. Contact Buck Stackhouse

  • Men's Breakfast & Bible Study: Wednesday, 7am in Walton Hall. Contact Walt Miller

  • Men's Breakfast & Bible Study: Thursday, 7am in Walton Hall. Contact Stephen Haynsworth

  • Mens’s Breakfast: 2nd Saturday, 8am. Contact Jay Withington


  • Mixed Bible Study: Wednesday, 11:30am, Tomato Shed. Contact Susie Jenkins

  • The Journey Bible Study: Wednesday. 10:00am, in the Peach Room. Contact: Pete Tanner

  • Bible Basics: Wednesday, 6:30pm, Millers' House. Contact: Walt Miller

  • Prayer Team: Tuesday, 12:30pm. Contact Stephen Haynsworth

  • Prayer Service1st Tuesday 6:30pm in the Church. Contact Stephen Haynsworth

  • Voice Choir: Wednesday, 6:30pm. Contact Sally Dixon

Youth and Children’s Group

  • Kids Club: Sunday, 3-4 pm (Grade 3-5) in Walton Hall

  • Middle School Youth Group: 4-6pm in Walton Hall

  • High School Youth Group: 5-7pm in Walton Hall

  • Sunday School (Grade K3-K5): 9am. Contact Susie Schaffer and Elizabeth Jenkins

  • Sunday School (Grade 1-2): 9am. Contact Pam Hanckel

  • Sunday School (Grade 3-5): 9am. Contact Katrina Bryan & Jason Tanner

  • Sunday School (Grade 6+): 9am. Contact Rob Schluter

Adult Sunday School

Breakfast from 8:45, followed by Sunday School at 9:15

  • Hospitality with Beth Snyder in Walton Hall

  • Prayer with Stephen Haynsworth in Walton Hall

  • Studying Timothy with Walt Miller in Guerry Hall Library

  • Studying Jeremiah with Tom Provost in Walton Hall

  • Young Adults Group with Russell and Anna Henderson, and Sam Gervais in Walton Hall.