St. John’s Parish provides a variety of programs and experiences which encourage and teach individuals as they give every aspect of their lives to Jesus Christ. Your life as a Jesus-follower is initiated by the Holy Spirit but it is dependent upon your active involvement and presence with Christ as a daily pattern or habit. In order to celebrate and encourage your personal engagement with Christ St. John’s Parish offers a number of events and programs. All of these activities at St John's, from Bible Studies to simple Pot Lucks are intentional efforts to help us all to conform to Christ and not to the world. How can you prepare yourself so your answer will daily be a resounding “Yes!

These include: Sunday School - Fellowship Events (inter-generational and age-specific) - Bible Studies - Retreats - Partner Programs - Volunteering


Faith Formation

Walt Miller is our Community Pastor and Director of Faith Formation. Walt’s passion is helping people worship, find the right life group, develop a personal spiritual "life rule", and engage in the "good works prepared for us to walk in". To find your faith formation contact Walt for a chat over coffee at 843-559-9560 or by email.

Life Groups and Bible Studies

We encourage you to find a group in which to connect and grow in the knowledge and love of the Lord.