Peru Mission Updates

Working hard at Sagrada Familia church.

Celebrating the 34th anniversary of Santa Maria church in Lima! Some of our St. John’s acolytes got to serve as acolytes!

We pray for many more years of Gods word and sacrament to be shared with the people of Lima. We rejoice together, with our Savior, in celebration and thanksgiving for our relationships in Peru.

Mon 12th.

Our Team’s visit to San Mateo school in Lima. Students shared their testimonies. Christ binds us together despite language barriers!


Our Peru mission team had a long trip to San Mateo, delays at Miami led to an overnight flight. After arriving they all jumped in right away and joined in worship at the Sagrada Familia church.

Our mission team were given a great send off morning of Friday Aug 9th at Charleston Airport.

Our team of adventurers: Ann, Flip, Walt, Haley, Charlotte, Graham, Max, Townsend, Stephen and Cindy will be visiting and helping out at San Mateo school and Sagrada Familia church.

Please pray for them all along this journey.

This is our 3rd trip to Peru, starting in April 2017, Bill Anderson, Ann Edenfield, and Walt Miller traveled to Peru, at the invitation of Bishop Aguillar, to pray, serve, and gather vision for future work in that mission field.

St John's Parish Church