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Appointed in 2005,  Fr. Greg is the 40th rector of St. John's, having previously served the Parish as Curate and Associate Rector. He is a graduate of Trinity School for Ministry, as well as being a Doctor of Philosophy in Geochemistry.

Born in Palo Alto, CA in June 1960, Fr. Greg was raised in a Navy family, consequently growing up in multiple locations in the US and in Spain.

Baptized at the age of nine – at Pine Ridge Baptist Church in Brunswick, GA – he attributes that early decision for Christ to the influence of his Vacation Bible School teacher and his maternal grandparents.

Fr. Greg came to the priesthood from a scientific background, and is a member of the Society of Ordained Scientists. Having taken a B.Sc in Geology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, he undertook postgraduate studies (M.Sc and Ph.D) at the Colorado School of Mines, before working for nine years as a Research Professor of Planetary Geology and Geochemistry at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 

In addition to his parish duties, Fr. Greg is active within our Diocese, having served on the Diocesan Council, the Committee for Congregational Development, and the Standing Committee (including as its President). He currently chairs the Board of Examining Chaplains, and is an instructor of Old Testament and Theology in the Deacon’s School.  Having graduated from Trinity School for Ministry in 2002, he has served on its Board of Trustees since 2007.  

Fr. Greg married Elizabeth “Beth” Breland [pictured left] in 1982, and she is also currently serving the Diocese, as Assistant to the Bishop. They have two children: Rachel, who is married to Luke and lives in Colorado; and Sarah, who is graduate of Samford University in Birmingham, AL.

Fr. Greg enjoys reading – particularly history and theology – travel, and hiking, and especially any combination of all three.