Testimonials from St.John’s Parishioners


It all started when…

“I believe God began working in my life when I was very young I grew up going to church. And those early years were positive experience for me as an adolescent in Sunday School, Bible School, Catechism, and church. But my relationship with Jesus was marked by knowing him mostly in those settings. Sunday morning was the time for God, not Monday through Saturday. However, seeds were planted and watered and nurtured to grow. Because of this, I’ve never ‘not known’ Jesus. But as I became a young adult and I learned more of God, I began to put His will foremost in my life (at least, some of the time). That was the beginning of a relationship that has matured over the years as I continue to be watered and nurtured to grow.”

- Lynn

“I grew up the son of a missionary in Central America. I was self-centered and uncaring toward others. I didn’t have any direction in my life. At about 12 I joined a youth group. I accepted Jesus when I learned that God had come to earth to serve and die for me. ”

— Stephen

“Prior to finding St. John’s I was a lukewarm Christian; living my life with dabs of faith scattered within. Upon joining the Young Adult Bible Study I began to dig deeper, question more, and grow my faith as part of my daily life. I began to take my questions to the priests, seeking further knowledge on how I could give up my nominal life for one passionately on-fire for serving others in the name of the Lord. I am still growing, still learning, and more on-fire for Christ than I have been in my entire life. ”