Contact:  Sam Gervais or Heath Gunther
When: For Six Week Intervals throughout the Year
Where:  Resurrection Hall

As a means of reaching the unreached Gen Z with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we’re offering Moms' and Dads' Discipleship Groups. Whether first-time parents, those seasoned by teenagers and adult children, or grand and great grandparents, we aim to come alongside one another in equipping the next generation of Christ’s witnesses. The Dads' and Moms' groups meet for six week intervals in an intentionally inter-generational and single-gender context. By exploring a variety of core values including word-inspired and Spirit-filled prayer; regular family worship; healthy and holy relationships; growth in Christ; and outreach to others, we desire to engage and equip thriving families who make a difference in our communities with the gospel for generations.  Periodically, these families will gather over table fellowships to share and celebrate God’s work in and through them.