How do we cultivate a welcoming space?
Tim Chester writes in  A Meal with Jesus that  "[h]ospitality involves welcoming, creating space, listening, paying attention, and  providing" (47).
"50 Ways to Welcome People"

Did you know that according to Barna Research, 40% of visitors make up their mind about a church before they see the pastor, and within their first two minutes of a service they have already formed an opinion about whether the congregation is friendly?

Because gracious hospitality is the heart of what it means to welcome people, we have expanded our Hospitality Team to include  Welcome Ministry. Whether serving as a greeter who smiles and says good morning at the door, an usher who escorts a visitor to the right place, or a server of coffee and pastries, our first interactions will show people that the world is a more hospitable place because of Jesus.

For More Information about Serving in the Hospitality Ministry,  contact Lori Moore.