SINCE 1734

Founded in 1734, St. John's heritage goes back far beyond: through the Anglican Tradition to the early Church and the apostles of Jesus. St John's has a long and illustrious history as a beacon of light for the Sea Islands and the Lowcountry. With this grand legacy and privilege also comes great responsibility; a responsibility to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is still foremost in our charter. We are part of the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina, which receives its apostolic oversight through the Global South Primates of the Anglican Communion. (GAFCON)

Like the Angel Oak Tree, we at St. John's have committed ourselves to being a sturdy oak, rooted in Jesus Christ, firm and fruitful amid the storms that buffet our changing world.

St. John's Parish Church Today
As one looks back over the history of St. John’s since 1734, a parish beginning in the colonial period, surviving hurricane, earthquake and war, the sense of family and community so characteristic of this parish has endured. This parish founded upon the Rock of Faith and Courage continues to serve as “a Light for the Sea Islands” and a haven from the storms that buffet each life as the culture of the nation and the islands continue to change. St. John’s Anglican Parish is committed to present a loving and biblical alternative for everyday life.

Worship at Haut Gap

In April of 2022, we found ourselves in need of a new place to worship. Fifteen years ago, we began a ministry relationship with Haut Gap Middle School. When we found ourselves in need of a new location to worship, the administration at Haut Gap welcomed us into their building, thus continuing the mutual relationship of fellowship and ministry.  Our time at Haut Gap is not permanent, as we now begin the task of following God's will for us in the search of a permanent home. 

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