Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

November 12 - December 17
Haut Gap @ 9 am - in the Atrium
Led by Ben Dixon
Listed below is an overview of our six week curriculum.
  1. Perpetuity: Creation, period.
  2. Protection: Salvation and deliverance in the Flood
  3. Promises: Abram/Abraham, and a Promise
  4. Provision: The Children of Israel in the Wilderness
  5. Precision: the Tabernacle, the priests, the sacrifices

Perfection: the Torah, the do's and dont's, and WHY!?!?

Additional Resources
CHABAD.ORG:  A wealth of historical, educational and study materials.
TORAH APOLOGETICS: this site hosts various resources and articles intended to aid in the study of the Scriptures. Written from a Messianic Torah-Observant perspective, many of these articles - and resources - seek to explain and defend the Faith from attacks and dangerous doctrines.

INTERLINEAR BIBLE: From Biblehub, provides reference to Hebrew words in context, their definition and their use – remember to read right-to-left!
STUDYLIGHT.ORG: A great collection of study materials, including many Bible translations and commentaries. Some specific resources follow:
KEIL & DELITZSCH OLD TESTAMENT COMMENTARY: Carl Friedrich Keil and Franz Delitzsch were Nineteenth-century theologians from a German protestant background. They compiled one of the most comprehensive and extensive commentaries on the Old Testament. Their work in the 1800s is still held in high regard throughout theological circles for its meticulous and sound doctrinal commentary. (There are other sources on the web, as well as a printed version which I believe SJPC has a copy)
WRITINGS OF ALFRED EDERSHEIM: Alfred Edersheim (7 March 1825 - 16 March 1889) was a Jewish convert to Christianity and a Biblical scholar known especially for his book The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (1883). His book, THE TEMPLE – ITS MINISTRY AND SERVICE gives a wonderful and insightful look at the Temple structure and practices in the Wilderness, and during the life of Jesus.  Links to specific resources follow:
  • Bible History, Old Testament: This seven volume history lesson covers the events recorded in the Old Testament from creation to the time just before the captivity. Edersheim provides an exhaustive look into the events and people that shaped the history of Israel.
  • Sketches of Jewish Social Life: In this one volume work, Edersheim sketches Jewish life and culture as it was in the time of the Old and New Testament. Touching on subjects including death, child rearing and worship of the synagogue; No area of the Jewish culture is left unexposed.
  • The Temple — Its Ministry and Service: In this one volume work, Edersheim takes a look at the role and function of the Temple in the life of the Jewish Nation.
STUDIES IN THE FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES: Ben and Catherine Dixon. Currently out of print, but I know the author! A revised and updated version is currently underway, and will be available (hopefully!) during our class.
THE STONE EDITION CHUMASH: The entire Chumash (book-bound Torah), includes Genesis-Deuteronomy in English and Hebrew, with commentary from the Talmud, Midrash, and the classic Rabbinic commentators, and includes insights of contemporary greats. Also includes:
·       The weekly Haftara readings from the Nevi'im (Prophets) that correspond to that week’s Torah reading.
·       The Five Megillos (Esther, Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes)
·       Full-color section of maps, charts and diagrams